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Today I say...

Today I say it as it is

The country that is my home

Treated my like bloody shit

The people are horrid

Blasphemous and immoral

Just because I am not Italian

Does not mean I am without feelings

I have a heart, a soul, a brain

I am tired of the bullshit

Of being treated like I don't exist

Or worse than that, the racist remarks

I am not an illegal immigrant

I don't get aid from government bodies

I live a life of solitude with neighbours from hell

The only communications from anyone

Is basically a quick hello message

Good morning, goodnight and fuck the rest

I have not been writing, me emotions are not right

Today I say it as it is

To hell with the lot

You are a bunch of lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful idiots

You don't care a damn about the rest

Get a life, work for a change

Forget about the damn unions and work like you should

Mommies and daddies, grandmas and grandpas

Stop pampering and spoiling the brats

They have to learn to survive and not holding out hands

This is why I have not been writing

I don't care whether your are husband, wife, family or friend

Stop treating me like shit

I have a heart and a soul, and I set my own goals

I ask nothing of you but honesty and respect

This woman had enough, so have yourself a bloody good day

That is all you will get for now

This is my motivation for today

Don't let people degrade or mistreat you

You are a gift and your life has meaning

That you must never forget!!!

©Natasha MJ Spira

Rise Up and Shine Your Light ~ Natasha MJ Spira

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