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5 Ways to Uplift Your Mood:

Psychological Tips on Uplifting Your Mood. Give your audience the best version of you. Do not feel like you must be perfect. Be your best self.

The monotonous days of routine, of pushing yourself harder and further, trying to please others, is only harming your inner psyche. Let go of the negativity around you. Be yourself, be unique, be different, be free in your mind.

Self-care and self-love

Do things that make you happy. Time to pamper yourself. Take an extra 30 minutes to indulge in a bath. Finish all your work so you do not have to go to work stressed. Take a few days off to yourself and keep working on yourself. Do not be that person. When you feel hurt, angry, or upset with someone else, do not allow that person to make you feel that way. Let go of the anger, as it eats away at you, and you become toxic. The petty irritants: Don't let the petty annoyances take over your day. Take them in your stride, without even letting them into your life. Stop being so hard on yourself. Not everyone is able to make you happy, you are the one who decides how happy you want to be. Give yourself a break. Keep a diary. This is a great way to remind yourself that you are important.


Meditation can help you uplift your mood by giving you the opportunity to think positively. It helps you centre yourself, think more clearly and remain focused on positive possibilities. One of the best benefits of meditation is the ability to get out of your head and focus on a higher truth. By going into a state of meditation, you can open to your better self, becoming one with that higher power of spirit within. During meditation, you can learn to listen to that voice within yourself that tells you what to do. When you turn your full attention to your inner self, you can learn to listen to the voices of your intuition. Meditation helps you to keep the balance in your mind and emotions, so you can become more balanced and happier. Practice relaxation.

The power of journaling

Here are some tips to help you journal: Check what mood you are in and to the extent to which you are stressed or burnt out. Write about it. Write about what is currently bothering you, what is making you anxious, depressed, unhappy. Avoid adding any negative thoughts. Focus on the positive. End with a list of 5 things that have made you smile, or a list of 5 positive things that have happened that day. Write down 5 positive statements that describe how you feel. I always enjoy writing and going through old journals, but I have not done it in ages. My reasons were twofold; first I thought that it did not make a difference, second, I thought that I didn't have anything to say, that I was insignificant.

Get your thoughts off your chest!

Talk about your feelings with people you trust. Have a cry. Talk about your concerns. Acknowledge the causes of your emotions, but do not let them make you defensive. Forgive yourself. Ask for help. Never be afraid to reach out to friends and family and ask them for help, whether that is with a visit, money, something to help you unwind and unplug. People want to help, and you are loved. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Choose friends who bring you up, not bring you down. Do not let negative people bring you down. Instead, you can let their negativity colour your mood. What if you gave your best friend a book?


When you have depression and you want to thrive, turn to your mind for inspiration and deliver your best version of yourself. You are enough. When you have anxiety, turning to your mind for inspiration can be painful. But that pain can be used as fuel to wake you up and rise above any negative thoughts you may have. Change your habits. Eat right. Find your purpose and pursue it. Follow your dreams. Repeat. You are enough. These three points will have you on your way to positive change. If you want to change, you must be prepared to be fully aware and engaged in the process. That way, you can achieve what you want without any regrets. To make change happen, you must be fully aware of the psychological states that affect your life.

©Natasha MJ Spira

Rise Up and Shine Your Light - Natasha MJ Spira

Have faith / Avere Fede.

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