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Nations of want, demands and propaganda....

People have really turned into nations of want, demands and propaganda. They demand from governments, protest with unions, spread fake news and being utterly slanderous on social media. They blame the world for everything. Well, I have something to say, and I am going to be very straightforward!

The average family consists of 4 people per household. Each have a smartphone, a minimum of 2 computers, a television (sometimes 2 or more), pay for television channels because they don't want to watch normal free television because their habits are just that. Habits. Not necessities! So many complain that they need assistance with food and cannot pay rents. In some cases it is true, but plenty are abusing the system by working in black, not paying taxes, they smoke, they drink, they indulge in overeating. But again, they want assistance from governments.

We are living in a big depression at the moment, lives are still 90% at risk, but people want to force the issues of going back to work so that they can have money and carry on with their lifestyles, even if they cannot afford it. Get real!!!!! Life will NEVER be the same again. Stop the bus and take a look in the mirror. Reflect and cut some expenses. Become families of meaning and not followers of social media. You need food? But you have all those smartphones, computers and televisions? Suspend all phones except one as you need to have contact in case of emergencies, block computer usage of internet to only 1 computer (for educational purposes, news and research) and suspend your paid television channels as you can still follow the news, etc on free television. By doing this you can afford substantial basic foods that can feed a family of four for a month. I mean basic foods. By doing this and by adapting your lifestyle to live with the basics, not only can you survive but you will also find the meaning of "being a family", the meaning of "communication" and the true meaning of survival. By doing all this, not only do you realize that life is more than following like zombies all the damn crap on social media, but you are also cutting down the views and shares of political propaganda that is flooding the world. By cutting down the views, likes and share of propaganda, your are effectively killing the fires of evil that is being spread and putting a stop to the bitching, moaning and fake news that is becoming more important than life. Lastly, remember this. You made your family, and it is your responsibility. It is NOT the responsibility of the governments to sustain your lifestyle. Have a good day Natasha MJ Spira

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