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In Memory of my dear Mother

In Memory of My Dearest Mother

5 February 1941 - 12 March 2014

Five years ago today

You were taken away

How quickly time flies

When a dear one dies

It feels like yesterday

When God took you away

My heart aches today

The heartbreak etched in my soul

No words can explain

The pain I feel in my heart

Today like every other day

I dedicate to you my dearest Mama

I hear the birds sing loud

The flower blooming bright

Our garden will make you proud

Because every seed, flower or tree I plant

Is done in memory of you

How you loved to garden

And make things beautiful

Your love for this lives on in me

Although my health sometimes fail me

We always know God gives me strength

As He will today

As I work today outside

With bodily pain and aching heart

I celebrate your love dear Mama

For you taught me how to care

In a world so full of sin

Remember the promise of the Rose

And each flower that blooms

You are truly the seed of love

That will bloom forever

In everything I touch

I do with love etched deep in my heart

Keeping your memory alive

In everything I strive

Until we meet again one day

I will live my life this way

© Natasha MJ Spira

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