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If there were a thousand angels...

If there were a thousand angels

Which one would you choose?

The one to heal your heart

The one to heal your soul.

If I could write a thousand words

I will only write about one.

A word from my heart

A word from my soul.

Writing from my heart to yours.

A thousand words and emotions rolled into one.

As angels whisper from heavens door

Their voices carry the word much weight.

I will write about love

It brings comfort and joy.

Angels believe in you as I do.

Listen to love for it is all I can give.

And the only true word that heals all

Is the word of love.

For angels love you as I do.

When the road is dreary and long

Look for the one who truly loves you.

As the angels sing from heaven

Love heals all wounds...

Natasha MJ Spira

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