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A Moment of Thought...

In the still of the night I am pensive.

My thoughts taking me away from sleep.

What is in a night that makes me wonder around,

listless, feeling that I belong in another world.

What is in the mind that makes me wonder away from sleep.

I am happy, I am broken, I am together, I belong...

What thoughts make me think about moments on different shores.

Not of this world, but from another time, another place.

I am a traveller through time, my life not in one place.

My heart belongs, my mind not.

I don't talk, words are in my head.

I feel, but emotions I hide.

Follow the stars, dark as the night may be.

Look at the moon, the sun.

Keep the music of the universe flowing,

listen to the words of your heart.

Do not despond, have faith.

Stay together inside, show the world your other side.

Love now more than before.

Love is all I have...

now, tomorrow, forever...

Natasha MJ Spira

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